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Get Back Into The Game With The Right Eyewear

If you're a professional or amateur athlete with vision problems, you need the right eyewear to play the game right and also keep your vision protected. You'll also find exactly what you need with us. 

Our sports glasses include eyewear specific for golf, biking, racquet sports, skiing, and boating.

Be at the top of your game with the right eyewear from us.

We carry the newest lenses for your golf game made by Shamir in both progressive and single vision versions. Our specially tinted lenses allow golfers to maximize their visual needs using specially designed for wrap around frames that offers a clear peripheral zone so you can see your mark at a distance.

Some of our sports eyewear brand choices include Rudy Project, Adidas, Kaenon and Rec Spec.

Exclusive Offer

New Patients Receive $100 off a complete pair of Rx eyeglasses.

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