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Clarity Or Vision With Progressive Lenses

If you don't want that bifocal look, but need to see far, intermediate and close, we will choose the right progressive lens for your eyeglasses.

Find the latest free form digital lenses from manufacturers like Hoya, Shamir, and Seiko.

At Sarlin Opticians, we use the latest technology to create and design progressive lenses that make looking at the world seem like the difference between watching high definition and standard definition television.

The clarity of vision you'll receive with progressive lenses is unsurpassed. They correct vision from near to far. Wear them for reading standard books, eReaders, and computer screens and avoid the headaches you may have suffered from until now.

If you already wear progressive lenses and are looking for a brand new style, we can duplicate any progressive lens and place it in the frame of your choice. Len Captan is always on hand to create your new glasses fast and with precision.

Exclusive Offer

New Patients Receive $100 off a complete pair of Rx eyeglasses.

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